Price reduction

Price reduction means that the seller is obliged to refund the difference between the actually paid price and the reduced price (if the payment has already been made), or to reduce the amount to be paid by the buyer (if the payment has not been made yet). Price reduction is proportionate to the defect’s effect on the item’s value.


A buyer wishing to exercise their right to have the price reduced must make a relevant statement to the seller. The law does not prescribe any particular form of such a statement, which means that it does not need to be in writing. However, for evidentiary purposes it is recommended to make that statement in a form allowing for proving the fact and the date of making it.


The seller may – acting on their own initiative – remove the defect or replace the item, thus preventing price reduction. However, removal of the defect or replacement of the item must be immediate and without causing any excessive trouble to the buyer. As regards consumer sales, specific  rules apply limiting the seller’s freedom of choice (removal of the defect vs. replacement of the item).


The seller cannot prevent reducing the price in the manner described above if: - the item has already been  replaced or repaired, - the seller has not fulfilled an earlier  demand for replacement or repair.