Refunds (upon withdrawal from a distance contract or an off-premises contract)

Payments made by the consumer should be refunded within 14 days after the seller receives the withdrawal statement. The payment mode used for refund should be identical to the payment mode used by the consumer (unless the consumer has explicitly approved an alternative mode of refund that does not cause any costs on the part of the consumer).


Unless the trader has proposed to collect the item from the consumer on their own, they can suspend refunding payments received from the consumer until they receive the returned item or until the consumer delivers a proof of sending the item back, whichever comes first.


If the delivery option selected by the consumer is not the cheapest usual delivery option offered by the trader, the trader is not obliged to refund such additional costs to the consumer.


An example: A seller offers standard delivery (PLN 5.00) or express delivery (PLN 10.00). If the buyer selected express delivery, then in the case of withdrawal only PLN 5.00 of the delivery cost will be refunded (value of the cheapest delivery option).